The Black Pearl of Adriatic

Yeah, WHY?

Maybe, because when God forgot about Montenegrins and they reminded themselves, He gave them the most beautiful part of His lands?

Or maybe because except the beautiful spot, with a great wide beach with a soft volcanic (therapeutic) sand, easy water entrance without any obstacles as seeweeds, rocks etc, with a Side On Shore Mistral wind accelerated by thermic to 15-25 knts in the season, we can also see the beauty of the wild nature?

Maybe, because the sun and temperature make the watermelons taste way better than Tesco ones and the endorfins fully hit our head?

Or maybe, because this place turns our body and mind into peace….

Or maybe just because of a fact, that we use a new Core, Slingshot, Mystic i SU-2 gear?

This place is unforgettable.

The Black Pearl of Adriatic will grab your heart and force you to come back 🙂

How to get here?

With your own transport we suggest to go through Budapest and Serbia. There’s a highway till Belgrade, with a short part around Cacak city. On the montenegrin side the road goes through the marvelous Morac&Tar Canyon.

For those who like advantures there’s an option of going with a car (special platform, not more than 1,55m) by train from Novi Sad (Serbia) to Bar city around 35km from our spot.

You can reach Montenegro with flight connections to:

  • Podgorica (80km from our spot) – Transfer – one way – 75€
  • Tivat (75km from our spot) – Transfer – one way – 70€
  • Dubrovnik (160km from our spot) – Transfer – one way – 150€

We use a very comfy 6pax + driver Chrysler Town&Country van for transfers, so bigger luggages are no a problem for us 😉