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Lesson packages


9+1h Package

This package is made for decided for this sport.

This is the main package with international way of teaching step by step.

We will reach all stages beginning with a training kite, finishing on the first board rides on the water.

Elements of training

On this training you will get the knowledge of wind directions, good riding conditions, danger on the spots, set up a training kite with its starting and landing with an assist.

You will also learn how to steer your kite, walk with it and all the “wind window” rules.

Changing to the regular big kite you will learn how to set it up completly, make a pre-flight and in-flight check and all information about security systems.

On this stage you will learn about the international comunication signs, starting and landing kite with and to an assistant, kite control hooked in and all depower systems.

After that comes time for ‘bodydrags’ where you’ll learn how to generate power in your kite or come back for the lost board.

Now it’s time to make some first slides on board 😀

Gear rent


kite+board kite board harness
1 session

(max 3h)

70€ 40€ 30€ 15€
Before lessons please fill in a necessary waver.


The training hours are approximate due to the individual predispositions of each person.
Student is equipped with all necessary gear during the lessons as kite, board, harness, vest and helmet.
Before the lessons please be prepared in a rashguard, sun cream and sunglasses.

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